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Lin Chamberlain has always been interested in various forms of art. She has progressed from being the only female in wood shop class through fashion design, painting, costume design, theatre, professional singing, stained glass, a career in hair styling, original art dolls, and teddy bears.

The progression has helped her understand different art styles and given her the ability to bring it all together, to create unique one-of-a-kind characters with marvelous facial expressions.

Lin's latest creations are known as "Pookie Bears". These bears have one-of-a-kind faces made of Cernit. She sculpts a unique face, fires it for hardness, and finishes the piece by hand painting the eyes and other details.

Most of the bears include human eyelashes and some other unique design features. Soft bodies are created from original patterns. Sometimes clothes are designed, sewn and wigs attached to complete a character.

Recently she has completed: Teddy Roosevelt, Marilyn MonBear, a Wizard of Oz set, and others. She also makes various types of animals and portrait pets from their owner's pictures and specifications.



First Place Winner in the

2012 URSA Awards Competition

Suelar, the Giraffe in Category 8 - entry 1.

URSA Sponsor: Bears&Buds Teddy Bear Magazine


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